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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who Are "They", Anyway?

Several weeks ago I was offering some assistance to someone in the office. She had several different copying projects to do and I noticed she was adding an unnecessary step to her task. I asked her if anyone had ever shown her this simple trick that would allow her to finish her job in half the time. She looked at me in horror and said, “They said I can’t do it that way.” I inquired who “they” were. She simply said, “I don’t know, but that’s what “they” said.” I reassured her that it is perfectly safe to rearrange her projects and the end result would be the same, but she would complete her assignment in half the time. She seemed satisfied and finished her project in short order.

I thought about that conversation several times since then and wondered who “they” were. Obviously, “they” had their information wrong about the use of the copy machine. I needed to get to the bottom of who “they” were and set the record straight. Wait a minute, who named me the copy machine police? I decided to leave well enough alone and didn’t track them down, but I did come to realize the incredible power that “they” had. It really goes so much further than the proper use of copy machine.

How many times do we listen to the “they’s” in our lives? We don’t bother to question what “they” say because apparently “they” know best. How many times do we give in on something we think is important because “they” say we can’t do anything to fix it anyway? How many opportunities do we let slip through our fingers because “they” say it’s a waste of time? How many dreams have we set aside because “they” say it’s not worth it? How many goals do we give up on because “they” say they are not possible?

Who are these unidentified folks in your life? They may think they are the copy machine experts, but they certainly aren’t the experts in your own life. Fortunately, only you can have that job!

Sister of Soul

Soul-spiration of the Week:
"The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do." ~Unknown

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