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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Newest Trend in Women’s Empowerment: Host a Party for Personal Development

Let’s face it ladies, we all love a party! We have parties for jewelry, parties for skincare, and parties for no other reason than to just be together. But, what if you could have a party to fulfill a greater purpose?

Imagine gathering together with a few of your closest friends to explore an interesting topic…throw in some deep conversation, a little time for some personal reflection, maybe a tasty treat or two? Now that’s what we call an Empowerment Party!

We’re sure the concept of self-improvement is nothing new to you; you’ve probably been involved in various training programs at work. But when was the last time you focused your efforts on improving yourself in an area that was important to you and your personal life? Topics like positive mental attitude, service, and time management take on a whole new meaning when approached from a vantage point outside of the workplace.

Now, as you consider taking workplace training from behind the confines of work and applying the concept to your personal life, it may cross your mind that there are a few missing ingredients; a trainer, a topic, and training materials.

Never fear, Soulspring has got you covered! Many of our Soulspring Groups use our tele-class events as another reason to join together to make a positive change in their lives. This is one opportunity however, that isn't limited to our Soulspring Group members alone!

We invite all women to hold their own Empowerment Parties in conjunction with any of our free Tele-class Training Events. Gather your friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters together to learn about a subject of special interest to women such as busyness and overwhelm, limiting beliefs, and many more. You just need a telephone with speaker phone capabilities and long-distance access.

6 Steps to a Successful Empowerment Party:

1) Your Empowerment Party can be any size, although two to ten is ideal!

2) Invite your friends by sending traditional invitations, or via email, Facebook, or with a phone call. Your invitation might say something like this:

Hi Jane,

How many times have we said, "I'm too busy!"? Soulspring Groups is holding a complimentary tele-class event called “Overwhelm: The New Epidemic”. Visit this link for the full details:

They suggest having an Empowerment Party to work through this training class together. I know we could all use some help in this area and doing it as part of a party sounds more fun than tackling it alone. What do you say; you want to join me? Reply back and let me know and I'll get you the details (time, place, etc.). Also, follow the link and get registered for the class so you will receive the training tools. You'll want to print them and bring them with you to the party.

3) Your friends will receive your invitation and can then R.S.V.P. Since each will be registering for the class on their own, they will receive their own confirmation and training materials by email 24 hours prior to the tele-class, which they can then print and bring to the party.

4) Your last step will be getting the final details to the guests who R.S.V.P.'ed (party time, location, etc.). We encourage you to make your Empowerment Party the easiest party you've ever hosted so you and your guests can keep the focus on learning, sharing and having fun! Consider asking each of your guests to bring a snack or refreshment to pass; trust us, everyone will be most happy to contribute.

5) We recommend incorporating some social time prior to the tele-class to give guests time to arrive, catch up on the happenings of the day and enjoy refreshments. When it’s tele-class time, gather your guests around the telephone to enjoy the training and take notes. At the conclusion of the call you can take some time to work through any exercises included in the training materials and discuss the training topic, challenge areas and any “aha” moments attendees experienced! You’ll be amazed at the insight and wisdom you can share with each other! As you bring your party to close, ask each guest to commit to one “change” or “action step” they can take immediately to implement something they learned through the training.

6) Lastly and most importantly, acknowledge your role in inspiring, motivating and empowering the most important women in your life. Who was the person who was most impacted by the experience? Don’t be surprised if that person is you!

An Empowerment Party is similar to the kind of experience our Soulspring Group members experience every month within their groups, but you don’t need to be a member to get in on this secret to personal development! Throw an Empowerment Party of your own and you’ll see firsthand what all the excitement is about and how something as simple as women joining together to support and inspire can cause a ripple effect that reaches so many more!

The Sisters of Soul

Soul-spiration of the Week:
“It’s important to strengthen the ties between women all over the planet and support and encourage each other. Then life in turn will support and encourage us.” ~Louise Hay

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