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Monday, September 6, 2010

41 Quarts and Counting...

I love Fall; chilly mornings, falling leaves and of course…canning.

We just canned up another batch of tomatoes – that makes 41 quarts so far, did I mention it was midnight? I can’t help but think there are still more tomatoes in the garden that we’ll have to tend to in a few days. But, that just made me realize that there is no better visual reminder of the old adage - You get back whatever you give, and more!

A little over 3 months ago our garden was planted. Healthy seeds were selected and careful thought went into the location of where to plant certain things. After years and years of going through this same process we’ve learned what works best and stuck to those rules. Our garden was planted just so, with good attention to detail, and high aspirations of what we will see come harvest time.

This is where God steps in and works His magic, giving just the right amount of moisture, heat, and sunlight. And, now from those tiny seeds, lush plants grew. But, God wasn’t done quite yet; He took it one step further and multiplied the reward. From one bean seed you very seldom get only one bean…you may get 10 or 20. From one seed potato you can feed a small family. One pumpkin seed can reap several orange masses the size of a small child. But, I’m puzzled about the zucchini…it seems He likes to multiply those by 100. Why the zucchini?

Watch how this lesson lives out in your own life...Be sure to plant high-quality seeds for your life. Pick many varieties that include your hopes, dreams, gratitude, and goals. Tend to your seeds often with a strong faith to ensure the proper water and sunlight. Your plants will soon be thriving and your life will reap a harvest more plentiful and beautiful than you can imagine.

Sister of Soul

Soulspiration of the Week:
“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” ~Og Madino

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