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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Empowerment Tip: You Don’t have to be a Rebel to Break the Rules

I’m a rule follower by nature. I tend to wait my turn, be on time, wear my seatbelt, come to a complete stop at a stop sign, return books to the library by the due date, and refrain from drinking before noon (not that afternoon cocktails are usual for me either).

But lately I’ve been thinking about rules. I can see some are important for our safety, and others are important for civil order; but I’ve come to realize that we accept some rules without a second thought. Could we benefit by taking a closer look at our beliefs about rules and rule-breaking?

That might make me a rebel, but I don’t really feel like one. Instead I prefer to be an independent thinker; capable of making up my own mind and setting my own rules for my life. Maybe it’s time for you to think about breaking some rules too? Consider these points…

• Famous rule breakers include Christopher Columbus, our Founding Fathers, Susan B. Anthony, Picasso, and we could go on. How different society would look if they hadn’t had the courage to break a few rules in their day. Instead of inspiring change, they could have chosen to stick with the status quo. For us as women that would mean living on an Earth that’s flat as a pancake, subservient to the king, without the right to vote. Oh, and while the men are out discussing politics and the news of the day over fine scotch and cigars, we’re stuck at home staring at boring art. Doesn’t sound appealing to me.

• Conflict isn’t very becoming of a lady. Women belong at home. Women and children should be seen and not heard. Sounds preposterous in this day and age and yet at one time these unwritten rules were believed and enforced. Makes me wonder…What unwritten rules keep us from speaking our truth today? What would breaking those rules look like?

• Many of the rules we follow today we do to avoid conflict. Nobody likes an argument but it’s healthy to express your opinion! Remember, you don’t have to agree with everyone, and it isn’t necessary to have a winner in every debate. Everything doesn’t have to be open for discussion, does it? If you believe in it, I say break the rules!

• Sometimes it’s our own rules that keep us hostage. What self-enforced rules are keeping you from your true power? Take some time to question your perceptions, assumptions and beliefs.

• Just because it’s a rule doesn’t make it right. If you believe you need permission to break the rules, please do so anytime your highest values are supported by doing so! I’ll back you all the way!

Sister of Soul

Soulspiration of the Week:
"Life is short; break the rules...Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile." ~Unknown

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