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Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 Power Thoughts to Change Your Life

Thoughts are things and when you consider that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative, that can be a pretty frightening scenario.  It’s no wonder we’re stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck and afraid; it’s what we think about all day long!

But what if for 30 days you could take steps to change the way you think?  What if you took responsibility and control over the way you think?  What if you began each day with the intention to make a positive change? 

Below are 30 Power Thoughts that will help you do just that!  A statement to kick the day off right, we’ve given you one for each of the next 30 days.  Print the list and commit to focusing on the “thought of the day” for a few minutes each morning, afternoon and night.  Then watch how your perspective, attitude and life change as a results!  Please report back with your results!

30 Power Thoughts:
  1. What today will be like is up to me. I get to choose what kind of day I will have!
  2. To fulfill my desires all I need to do is step up and claim (and proclaim) what I want.
  3. I teach people how to treat me. Today I will teach them to treat me the way I desire; kind, loving, respectful.
  4. By holding on to past wrongs I am not making room for my future.  Today I choose forgiveness.
  5. Even in difficult times, there’s a reward in knowing I did what was right. Today I will do what feels right to me.
  6. I must be truthful to myself in order to grow.  I release myself from denial and choose honesty.
  7. I was put on this Earth to fulfill a purpose and the sooner I discover my purpose, the sooner I can get busy!
  8. I am in the here and now. I will no longer base decisions on what has happened to me in the past.
  9.  There is no reason for me to fear failure. Failure is the best way to learn and grow in experience.
  10. I am responsible for my own choices. Therefore, I will not make choices based on the desires of others.
  11. It is never too late for anything. Instead of wasting time with regret I will set out to do what I’ve always intended.
  12. I will take the golden rule one step further; I will treat MYSELF with the same kindness & respect as I show to others.
  13. I understand that I can be my biggest problem.  But I also know within me is the power to be the ultimate solution.
  14. Remaining in my comfort zone doesn’t allow for growth. Today I’m busting out from what feels comfortable and safe.
  15. Everything in life is neutral. What I deem to be positive or negative is based on my attitude and perspective.
  16. I always have a choice. While I may not like my options, I accept the power and responsibility that comes with decision.
  17. I will not over-exaggerate nor belittle my problems. Instead I will face them, deal with them, and then move on.
  18. I will take a hard look at what isn’t working in my life and take deliberate action to make positive change in those areas.
  19. I will not limit things to what I perceive to be possible. I will dream big and have faith that the way will appear.
  20. I will take the time to define my values. This is the only means by which I can gauge what is right for me.
  21. Within me is the power to change my life. I will plug into it and use it to fulfill my purpose.
  22. I no longer fear change! Every change in my life elevates me to new levels of empowerment.
  23. I understand I’m the average of the 5 people I hang around with most. I accept loving and inspiring people into my life.
  24. I rise above the daily chaos that keeps others busy and distracted. I allow myself to be centered, self-aware and wise.   
  25. I accept that thoughts are things. I replace disempowering thoughts with empowering ones.
  26. The past and future are illusions. We only have the present and I stay focused on the now, taking a moment at a time.
  27. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. Cutting ties does not represent a failure. I know when it’s time to move on.
  28. How I start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. My morning ritual ensures I experience an extra great day.
  29. Just because it’s a rule doesn’t make it right. I break the rules whenever my highest values are supported by doing so!
  30. With each moment comes an opportunity to create a new beginning. My best self continually reveals itself to the world.
The Soul Sisters

Soulspiration of the Week:"You can close the windows and darken your room, and you can open the windows and let light in. It is a matter of choice. Your mind is your room. Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?"  ~Remez Sasson

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