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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goals to Propel You to a Bigger, Bolder Life

We’re one week in to 2012; how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Yes, the New Year holds so much promise and opportunity to set and achieve some pretty amazing things!  Unfortunately, once we’re into January, and back to our daily routines, we often forget about the promise of the New Year and settle back into the mundane.  Well, buckle up because Soulspring Groups is going to take you on an amazing journey this year.

As we go through life it’s easy to fall into a rut – the same routine day in and day out.  What’s the fun in that?  What we need is a jumping off point, a “springboard” to some adventure and excitement!  It seemed to us that a “bucket list” would be an easy and fun way to ensure we’re adding the variety and spice to our lives for which we all yearn, and that is precisely the idea behind Soulspring Groups’ “My Spring Board” project. 

This year we want to see you reaching, learning, and attaining everything you’ve always wanted to be, do and have.  The first thing you’ll want to do is visit our page on Facebook and download your free Spring Board tools from the “Empowerment and Fun” tab (you’ll see the link below our profile image).  Then, follow along on the Soulspring Facebook Page as we share an inspiring “Spring Board” idea every Friday!

Get ready for 52 ideas to help “spring” you into living a bigger, bolder life!  If our suggested idea or activity sparks some interest within you, then add it to your “Spring Board” in the appropriate section; schedule something you would like to do in the summertime under June or July...something you think would be good to do with your family under the Family section.

If you missed the first Spring Board idea for 2012, you can see it here. 

And of course we want you to add your own ideas to the plan!  We’ve included more than 52 spaces for fun activities on this worksheet; plenty of room for your own personal goals.  Remember to stretch and strive for interests that have been long lost, maybe since your childhood!  To help inspire ideas ask yourself the following questions:

  • What dreams did I have as a child (i.e.: ride in a hot-air balloon, blow a bubble gum bubble bigger than my head, etc.)?
  • What have I always been curious about trying (i.e.: firing a gun, spending the night in a lighthouse, milking a cow by hand, etc.)?
  • What have others done that has fascinated me (i.e.: running a marathon, whitewater rafting, writing a book, etc.)?
  • What are the simple things in life that I need to be reminded to do (i.e.: drive around the lake in autumn, watch the sunrise, go on a picnic, etc.)?
  • What have I always wanted to learn (i.e.: knitting, changing a flat tire, learning to make Grandma’s special recipe, etc.)?

Our post each Friday on Facebook will prompt you to revisit this list often (as in weekly!).  When you do, check off your accomplishments, add more ideas, and schedule your next to-do or adventure!  Refer to this tool anytime you’re feeling down or bored; choose a goal and put a plan into action to achieve it!  Heck, make it a family affair!  A sense of accomplishment is one of the best empowerment-builders there is!

We want to stay updated on your accomplishments, both big and small!  Post your latest achievement to our Facebook Wall, referencing “The Spring Board Project” and help to inspire the entire Soulspring community to live big this year!

The Soul Sisters

Soulspiration of the Week:
"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."  ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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