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Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Ways to Live Life from the Front Row

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that grab your attention.  We posted this photograph and caption to our Soulspring Facebook page and were blown away by the response: 58 people liked it, 50 people shared it and 15 people commented!

The interaction caught our attention; clearly you were intrigued by the notion of living life out front.  By looking closely at this photo we uncovered 5 Ways to Live Life from the Front Row...

1.    Dare to take the ride: Don’t let fear, age, size, [insert your excuse here] keep you from the excitement of life.  Playing it safe is what the onlookers do--and surely you’ve noticed they’re the ones having the least amount of fun.

2.    Be the first one on: If you want to live life in the front row, you’ve gotta be the first one on the ride.  If you hesitate for even a moment, some other brave soul is going to take your place and have all the laughs.

3.    Take a friend along for the ride:  Who doesn’t feel a bit more courageous with someone they trust riding shotgun?  Grab your BFF and take on the adventure together.

4.    Let your hair get messy (and your skirt fly up):  I shudder to think of how many times I let an opportunity pass me by simply because I wasn’t dressed for it.  So what if your skirt flies up and your hair blows around; hang on to your hat and enjoy every minute.

5.    Be o.k. with the next best thing: When all else fails, and you miss your chance to be up front, don’t underestimate the fun and excitement of the second row.  From the looks of it, that’s the next best place to be.

Sister of Soul

Soulspiration of the Week:
“The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”   ~Dale Carnegie

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