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Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Empowering Approach is Needed to Prevail Over Bullying

I don’t watch much TV and tend to steer clear of the news (I opt for a more positive media experience). Still, the latest trend in bullying and teasing among our young people, and the suicides resulting from the behavior, couldn’t help but catch my attention.

Even in my forties I can still feel a painful twinge inside when I reflect on the teasing back in my day. I wouldn’t compare it at all to the stories of late, but painful at the time none the less. Now as an adult, and after talking with others about our school years, it seems no one escaped unscathed. Yes, even the best-looking, the most talented, and the biggest bully, had someone harassing and degrading them in some way. What’s a kid to do? Some took it, some fought back, and some focused their aggression by bullying others.

If there was ever a time that our animal instincts as a species become most evident, it would have to be when we are trying to secure our position in the pack. Sad, isn’t it?

While I don’t condone bullying and teasing, and believe it to be wrong and inexcusable in the strongest sense, I guess it’s programmed in us and in a way part of growing up, in learning right from wrong, of establishing our character as we grow into adulthood. Kid’s know it’s wrong, they know it’s mean, they know it leads to trouble (and in light of recent events, a criminal record and prison time). Still the behavior continues.

The anti-bullying task forces and bullying awareness campaigns are a great start to combating the pranks, abuse, and torments, but in my opinion that’s not enough and only addresses half the problem. We’re missing a more important focus. Where are the empowerment programs and self-esteem classes?

I don’t mean to go all “touchy-feely” but wouldn’t it serve our youth in the long-run to develop the confidence, personal power, and understanding that comes with self-acceptance? The bully would no longer feel the need to put down another to elevate himself, and the bullied might gain some valuable insight about the acts against them, understanding they are not the source of the problem. I believe this is a crucial missing link and what it’s going to take to stop the cycle of abuse within our schools.

Sister of Soul

Soulspiration of the Week:
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” ~David Brinkley

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