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Monday, December 19, 2011

Make Your Holiday Brighter

December is in full swing and the big day is less than a week away.  We know...there's lots to do and it’s all causing a ton of stress.  We can relate.

Yet, there’s nothing worse than waking up December 26 with nothing to show for your efforts except bags of trash and a pile of returns.  Now is the time to step back and re-assess what you want Christmas and New Years 2011 to be for you.  There’s still time to re-prioritize, change up plans, and create new intentions (and memories).

Below we offer 31 simple ideas with the power to make the holidays brighter.  All were designed to create a memory, pamper your senses, and cheer yourself (and others).

Don’t let the stress, hustle and bustle get to you!  It’s time to take charge of your own holiday experience!
  1. Set your holiday intention right now – what two words do you want to be the theme of this season?
  2. Schedule a massage for after Christmas.  You’ll definitely deserve it!
  3. Hang a wreath on your door.
  4. Buy yourself some holiday reusable shopping bags. Spread holiday cheer and be kind to the planet.
  5. Decorate your car windows with window clings.
  6. Decorate your key chain with a festive key ring.
  7. Put a fancy holiday pin on your coat/jacket.
  8. Here’s a simple way to add a holiday touch to any décor...Recycle that ugly Christmas sweater by turning it into a pillow cover! Learn how here.
  9. Simplify your Christmas to-do list.  Anything you can dump or delegate?
  10. Get a new holiday towel for the kitchen or bathroom.  You’ll smile each time you see it.
  11. Decorate your place of work. Perhaps an ornament from your drawer or a bow on your monitor.
  12. Burn a mulled cider candle ($5 at Wal-Mart).  If nothing else, your house will smell like Christmas!
  13. Take the family on an outdoor adventure.  Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors.
  14. Write your holiday affirmation: My holiday season with filled with _________ & _________.
  15. Start one new tradition. Read a particular story on Christmas Eve, recite a particular prayer before meal, go caroling, ice skate under the moonlight.
  16. Make tonight’s dinner conversation about holiday childhood memories.
  17. Take a family picture this year…no excuses!
  18. Make a batch of your favorite holiday cookie. On a special diet? Then give them away to others!
  19. Try out a new mocktail recipe for Christmas!  How about a Cinnamon Holiday Mocktini.
  20. Take some time to reflect on your last year; when did you learn, when did you succeed, when were you amazing?
  21. Make the game plan for 2012; what’s your intention, what are some goals?
  22. Schedule an hour of “me time” today.  Do whatever you feel will rejuvenate you!
  23. Get yourself a fun new scarf!  You’ll actually look forward to heading out into the cold.
  24. Sport some new holiday undies.
  25. Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the day to its fullest!
  26. Buy a new journal for next year.
  27. Try out a new mocktail recipe for New Year’s Eve!  How about a Pomegranate Spritz!
  28. Answer this Soul Searching Question for next year: What goal, if achieved by year-end, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?
  29. Answer this Soul Searching Questions for next year: What am I willing to do differently this year that will lead to a life that more closely resembles my vision?
  30. Make New Year’s Eve a little easier with these simple recipes.
  31. Write your year’s mistakes and regrets on toilet paper and flush them down the toilet to close the year!

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