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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Emergency Personal Energy Policy

ENERGY: en-er-gy [en-er-jee] n. Any source of useable power; available power; the capacity for vigorous activity; an adequate or abundant amount of power; the ability to act, lead and effect; an exertion of power.

Energy has many different meanings, but one thing is true; many women are experiencing an energy crisis! It’s the number-one complaint we hear from women.

Here at Soulspring Groups, we decided to implement an Emergency Energy Policy. During the month of August you will notice a reoccurring theme as you read our blog posts, follow our “tweets” on Twitter, and visit our page on Facebook. We’re going to be talking in terms of “energy” and offering tips and ideas to power up your life!

You may be wondering why an organization whose mission is empowering women would take such an interest in “energy”. Allow us to explain…

As you know, Soulspring’s focus is to inspire and support women to seek out and pursue their passions, goals and dreams. Through the course of this work we noticed something interesting; a very striking correlation between passion and energy. A woman on a mission glows, they have an inner radiance that can light up a dark room, and they energize others around them. There’s nothing more exhilarating!

And then we have the opposite; women who are living in the gap. That desolate place of boredom, anxiety, worry and unease. Life there is dark, unexciting, and tedious and if you yourself have been in that wasteland for any length of time, you know the feelings we’re talking about.

Well, it turns out many of the most common Passion Pitfalls, the ones that lead us to the gap, happen to also be huge energy drains, exhausting our power supplies, depleting our batteries and literally sucking us dry! That’s why we’ve decided to enact our Emergency Energy Policy this month and we’re inviting you to plug into it!

How, you ask? Well every woman from time to time goes through a personal energy crisis. Whether you're experiencing one now or not, it's still important to watch for the signs and prepare your energy plan in advance. Here's what you can do this month to do just that...

First, our next issue of our e-newsletter, Soul-spiration, is going to roll out our Personal Energy Conservation Plan. You won’t want to miss this issue! If you haven’t signed up for your free subscription please do so now so you don't miss out! Claim Your Free Soulspiration Subscription Now!

Next, we invite you to join us for our next free tele-class training event, Power Up: Overcoming Your Personal Energy Crisis. On Wednesday, August 19 we’ll be revealing common energy drains that deplete your personal energy stores, and helping you to tap into a source of personal power you didn’t even know you had! Get the full details by clicking the link below! Power Up: Overcoming Your Personal Energy Crisis

Watch for our Daily Energizers, our high-octain "tweets" all month on Twitter! Then of course you'll want to meet us back here at the Soul Sisters Blog next week for our next "energized" post!

It's going to be a powered up and high-energy month! Get ready to flip the switch and turn on your life!

Sisters of Soul

Soulspiration of the Week:

“See where your own energy wants to go, not where you think it should go. Do something because it feels right, not because it makes sense. Follow the spiritual impulse.” ~ Mary Hayes-Greico

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