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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did You Plug Into It?

What an amazing and “powered up” week! Thank you to everyone who joined us for our energizing tele-class, Power Up: Overcoming Your Personal Energy Crisis! If you missed this training event, don’t worry! For a limited time you can receive a download of the recording and training materials for free! Just click here: Power Up Tele-Training Event

As with every tele-class, for each question we answer during the course of the training we seem to generate another. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing! It means we’re making breakthroughs and stirring up some new and different ideas and thoughts. Keep your questions coming!

Below are a few we received after the session. Perhaps they will address a question or two you had yourself.

Q. “Thank you for a great call! As I worked through the exercises I realized that my energy issues seem to stem from a lack of time. How do I overcome that?” R.B.

A. Great question! Time is another big issue for many women and it’s a topic we would love to dedicate a tele-training event to. To help you until that time however, we offer the following recommendations.

Pull out your Power Up training materials package. Notice that the words “energy” and “time” could almost be used interchangeably throughout. You want more time; more time for what? Until you have that question clearly answered and in writing, you won’t get control of your time issues. Likewise, you may need to overcome some pretty deep-seated “beliefs” about time to really experience a breakthrough in this area. And, the same “Frustrations” and “Incomplete Cycles” that drain your energy also eat away at your time. Try reworking these same exercises using your “time” challenges as a reference point and let us know what you discover!

Q. “I’m really having a problem with limiting beliefs. I recognize how many of my beliefs are affecting my energy levels but I’m really having a problem changing my mindset; any advice for someone like me?” T.J.

A. Yes, beliefs can be tricky but guess what? By recognizing the beliefs that are holding you back, you’ve actually made a significant breakthrough! Congratulations!

The secret to changing our limiting beliefs is found in the Pain Pleasure Principle. Associate enough “pain” with your old belief and a tremendous amount of “pleasure” to your new empowered belief, and you will begin to experience significant changes in your life! Here’s how you can use the Pain Pleasure Principle for yourself…

Step 1 ~ The Pain: Think about your limiting belief. How has this belief hurt you? What has it cost you in your life? How has it affected those closest to you?

Example Limiting Belief: “I’m always too tired.”

Pain: I can’t help but think of all the experiences and opportunities I’ve missed out on in life. Instead of spending time with friends and family, my tiredness kept me at home. Instead of pursuing the next phase in my career, I let my tiredness hold me back. That’s also hurt me and my family financially. This belief has kept me from getting the exercise I need and has actually led me to seek out convenience foods which aren’t as health for me or my family. It’s a cycle that only contributes to my feeling of being tired.

Step 2 ~ The Pleasure: Now think of your new empowered belief. What will this new belief mean to your life? What pleasure will come from it?

Example Empowering Belief: “I am powered up because I choose to be.”

Pleasure: My new belief means I’m spending more quality time with my children. We laugh and even play games together. We’re creating happy family memories I know will shape their lives into adulthood. I’m the wife, friend and mother I’ve always envisioned I would be. I’m advancing in my career and my new responsibilities suit my talents and abilities perfectly. Producing my best work energizes me! I exercise four times a week and nourish my body with healthy food. I’m losing weight without effort. I feel better and my family feels better.

With practice you will be amazed at how simple the Pain Pleasure Principle actually is, and even more surprised at how it can shift your way of thinking. It’s important to regularly review how your limiting beliefs cause you pain in your life and how your new beliefs bring you pleasure. We’re naturally wired to want pleasure in all things so what “feels” better to you is the direction your mind will naturally go. Stay committed to the process and I promise it will work. Please keep us updated on your progress!

If you have questions about overcoming your personal energy crisis, please email us at SoulSisters@SoulspringGroups.com. We promise to personally answer each and every email we receive.

Sisters of Soul
Kim, Jenny and Becky

Soulspiration of the Week:

“Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” ~Sarah Bernhardt

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