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Monday, March 1, 2010

Me? Longing for More Winter?

I’ve always been one to hurry the end of winter along because I could not wait for spring to arrive. The cold, the snow . . . long about the first of March I’ve usually had enough of it and start wishing for the first signs of spring (and in the spirit of friendly competition, I’ve always wanted to be the one who will spot the first robin).

This year however, it’s a different story. A few weeks ago I checked something off of my “101 List of Things to Do Before I Die”. I’ve always wanted to introduce my children to cross country skiing. My first experience with the sport was some 15 years ago spending the weekend with a set of rentals. I fell in love with it! I can recall the exact moment - we we’re skiing on the evening of a full moon. It was amazing! It was calm, quiet and peaceful. I’ve only skied three or four times since then, but I always knew that it was something I would like to do as a family when the kids were old enough. There aren’t too many activities that will bring you outdoors during the winter months in the Midwest that don’t involve an engine, gasoline, and fast speed.

So a couple weeks ago we spent a Saturday combing the used sporting goods stores and clearance racks. We came home with everything we needed; four sets of skis, boots, and poles. Living in a rural area we are surrounded by countless opportunities of open and wooded trails right outside our back door. We haven’t missed a day of skiing yet. It’s obvious the kids love it; going sometimes two or three times a day blazing new trails for the family to try the following night.

So I’d really like to hold on to winter for just a couple more weeks. However, the forecast calls for temperatures in the 30’s and sunny days all week long. I may have just skied my last trip for the season. If that is the case though, what better way to end than with family under a full moon! It was spectacular!

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"The family is one of nature's masterpieces." ~George Santayana

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