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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Passion Process

It was just a week ago that we held our first tele-training session in the Soulspring Tele-Classroom (if you missed the call please visit www.SoulspringGroups.com, scroll to the Upcoming Events area and access a limited time audio download and training materials package). For many attendees it was a new experience to dial in and attend a training over the phone. Yet we had a fabulous turnout and thanks to all those that participated we are filing this session under “H” for HUGE success!

It wasn’t just the tele-class itself that merits the “H” rating. We received some wonderful and insightful comments after the class that confirms that this topic struck a nerve--We’re all on a mission to live our best life and we’re looking for tools, resources and support that can help us achieve this important goal!

In addition to replying to each inquiry personally, we got to thinking that if we received a question from one attendee, others may have similar questions. So, we’re dedicating this blog entry to the most common questions we received regarding the “Where Did My Passions Go?” training session, as well as a few comments we heard too.

Q. “Only three steps; is it really that easy to find my passions?”

A. Yes three steps, and while not complicated, they aren’t necessarily that easy. If it’s been a while since you’ve put any thought into what your purpose is for your life, it might take some time to bring your passions to the surface. Your true “purpose” resides in your soul and to discover yours you need not only intellectual contemplation but a connection with your intuitive self as well. The Soul-Searching Questions we discussed during the training are a big part of this process. While initially the answers will come from your head, once you begin to open up to the process the answers will begin to come from your heart. That’s when the real answers will be revealed for you.

If you are just beginning this journey it’s unlikely that the answers you seek will come to you immediately. Keep revisiting the Soul-Searching Questions and write down what comes to mind for you. It won’t be long before patterns and themes begin to emerge. They will “feel” right to you. These are cues that you are on track to your passions and life-purpose.

I’m sorry to say there are no shortcuts to this process but if you follow-through on your homework we promise you will be amazed by the discoveries you make. And remember, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. The process itself is extremely rewarding!

Q. “Are my passions what I should be doing as my career?”

A. Most of us spend a great deal of our time at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a living doing something you love to do? Studies show that people who are passionate about their job duties tend to be happier, healthier and make more money! Their work doesn’t feel like work and their passions and talents combine allowing them to perform at the highest level. If you’ve ever experienced this sensation you know there is no greater feeling—it’s true bliss!

But passion isn’t all about what you do to make a living, and you can experience bliss outside of the workplace. There are many who work their job by day, so they can fulfill their passions in their off-hours. These passions might include volunteering their talents for a worthy cause, expressing themselves through artistic endeavors, or losing themselves in novels or other books.

Taking the time to do what you love is what’s most important, not how much money you make while doing it. Yet, if you loathe your job and can’t wait until the weekend, maybe it’s time to assess whether your choice of work is right for you. Life is too short to waste doing what you hate!

Q. “Thanks for this training; it was just what I needed. Is it possible to go into more detail in future tele-sessions?”

A. As we mentioned during the training, we could have had an entire class just covering the obstacles that stand in the way of our dreams, not to mention any number of other topics that were touched on throughout the call. If we’ve piqued your interest and you are craving more we invite you to consider joining a Soulspring Empowerment Group, or starting one of your own. For an affordable annual membership fee our members have access to a wide variety of benefits including a new tele-seminar each month! They also benefit from the interaction and support provided by the members of their group. Visit
www.SoulspringGroups.com for more details about the benefits of membership.

Q. “How do you pick your training topics?”

A. In our conversations with women we tend to get asked the same questions again and again. Needless to say those are the areas that we believe we should be focusing our efforts. We develop our tele-trainings and Soulspring Group Meeting Kits around these themes. We are also open to requests and receive suggestions from our members regularly about the challenges they are experiencing, the things they want to learn more about, and the key life areas they want to develop and enhance. If you have a suggestion or request for us, please email us at
SoulSisters@SoulspringGroups.com or simply add a comment to this blog entry. We would love to hear your ideas!

Q. “I loved it! I actually took in the call while sipping on a cup of tea in my pajamas! When will you be doing your next training session?”

A. We said “come as you are” and we meant it. We know from experience that transformation happens when you’re comfortable and relaxed! As we said above, our Soulspring Members have access to monthly tele-training sessions (recordings are available if for some reason they can’t attend the call live). Each training session walks our members through a personal growth plan, that when combined with their monthly Soulspring Group meeting, leads to some amazing outcomes!

However, we do plan to make periodic sessions available to the general public and we have some innovative events planned for the future including a Tele-Summit, which would be a full day of inspirational sessions. We would offer different tele-training topics each hour, allowing you to attend the sessions of your choice based on your interests! We are also considering a 30-Day Makeover Program, including four tele-training sessions all focused on one topic of change.

You won’t want to miss these events! To receive notification subscribe to our free Soul-spiration e-newsletter by visiting

If we’ve missed your question, or if you would like to comment or request a training session topic, you can email us at
SoulSisters@SoulspringGroups.com or simply add a comment to this blog entry.

Soulspiration of the Week:

"We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself." Lloyd Alexander

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